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What is this portal about?: This portal is based on moodle software, and is meant to facilitate conducting surveys, polls, questionnaires, quizzes, and sharing digital content by IITB community through moodle like courses.

Who can create courses in this portal: HoD/PIC/CIC, section heads and Faculty members.

Who can enroll participants in this portal courses: Course creators by using an enrollment tool and course teachers by using moodle's 'Enroll Users' feature.

Who can participate in this portal courses: i) IITB staff and students having an  active LDAP ID, ii) Non LDAP users local to this portal.

Start using this portal: Login > Create course > enroll users

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Click here for help on BM attendance & creating BM courses

Online documents:
How to create courses
How to enroll users .   
How to create Quizzes, questionnaires and  upload files
See Moodle videos on adding Questionnaire, Quiz, Forum, WIKI and other useful activities.

Click here to learn how to install and use WIKI in moodle.

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